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Savings on Insurance Premiums Maximised
Savings on Insurance Premiums Maximised
Workers Compensation Solutions and Strategies
Workers Compensation Solutions and Strategies
Enhance Compliance and Workplace Culture
Enhance Compliance and Workplace Culture
Workers Compensation

Yes – Workers Compensation claims and costs can be controlled!

Why employers think they can’t control workers compensation claims is beyond us when legislation unambiguously says employers can.

Claim costs can increase premium costs – often substantially – and a runaway claim, from a simple injury to a complicated psychological claim, can hit the bottom line for years.

There’s also culture – claims beget more claims.

Direct control of claims by the employer is the key, not control by remote third parties.

We show employers how to take control of claims, avoid being hijacked by self-interested groups, reduce cost and preserve management authority.

How Do We Do This?

We focus our clients on the real factors that affect workers compensation costs, simply the control of claims through management ownership and legal compliance. We avoid the widespread use of unnecessary complexities, graphs and reports which only serve to waste management time.

Who do we work with?

We are not industry-specific. Workers compensation laws and protocols don’t distinguish between industries and our work does not differ from industry to industry. We work with a wide range of employers. The key similarity is the method applied to control claims.
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Inigma Group Pty Ltd guides its clients in controlling workers compensation from where the problems start – claims. Particularly claims where the worker is, for whatever reason, reluctant to return to work.

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