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Inigma Group is a boutique consulting firm established by Chris Harrington in 1998 with the sole purpose of guiding companies in the control of workers compensation claims and their costs. Coming from a corporate insurance broking background, Chris was concerned at the rapidly rising cost of workers compensation premiums due to excessive claim costs and the general acceptance that there was little that could be done. Chris set out to prove this to be incorrect. Over the years Inigma Group has been able to assist employers, from family businesses to not-for-profits to household name companies, save millions of dollars by taking control of a function previously viewed as a frustrating burden. Inigma Group does this by providing calm, systematic advice concentrating on management ownership and legal compliance.

Inigma Directors

Chris Harrington
Chris has more than 45 years’ experience in the insurance industry working with major international insurance brokers both in Australia and the UK. Chris established Inigma Group to provide a counter to the enormous cost burdens on industry caused by a workers compensation system that has allowed and continues to allow claims and claim costs to run out of control.

Philip Groves
Phil has a background as a solicitor and insurance claims specialist with a practical understanding of workers compensation management and workplace safety. With expertise in evidence review and legal interpretation, Phil is regularly engaged as an expert witness to provide assessments of workplace bullying claims on behalf of employers. Phil completed a PhD in 2016 on the subject of workplace bullying and psychological workplace safety.

What Our Clients Say

High Level Workers Compensation Control

Inigma Load
Inigma Group Pty Ltd guides its clients in controlling workers compensation from where the problems start – claims. Particularly claims where the worker is, for whatever reason, reluctant to return to work.

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