Workers Compensation Solutions and Strategies

Workers Compensation Solutions can be achieved by implementing a cost reduction strategy which focuses on management – not external parties – controlling claims. Inigma engages with employers currently facing a workers compensation problem or have previously experienced problems and don’t want to face similar problems in the future. Direct control of claims by the employer is the key.
How Do We Work

How Do We Work?

We firstly give you a frank assessment and if we proceed we provide hands-on guidance working directly with management.

We only work on an hourly rate basis. We do not seek a share of savings. When our work is completed we pull away. Our clients call us, we do not pursue them.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced claims costs – with often substantially reduced premiums
  • The right message sent to the workforce
  • Improved workplace culture
  • Reduced number of injuries
  • Increased compliance

When do you call us?

  • A worker off work or on reduced hours
  • A psychological (stress, anxiety, bullying, etc.) claim
  • A worker unwilling to cooperate with a return to work
  • Had or may soon have a SafeWork visit
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Inigma Group Pty Ltd guides its clients in controlling workers compensation from where the problems start – claims. Particularly claims where the worker is, for whatever reason, reluctant to return to work.

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